H.B. Wire Rods

MM Industries Pvt. Ltd. is Distribution Partner of R.R. Ispat Ltd. One of Oldest and Largest Manufacturer of wire rods in Central India. With the Production Capacity of Cater all, it's Products are equvalent to all major Govt. & Premium Wire Rod Manufacturer

Wire Rods are are a hot rolled steel Product Classified it's Shape. It is a Rolled Alloy or Plain Carbon Steel Product, Produced from a semi mainly billet. It has a round, rectangular or other cross-section. In case of round its diameter ranges from 5.5 mm to 14 mm

  • Commercial Wire Rods
  • Low Carbon Wire Rods

Electrode Quality Wire Rods are Slow Cooling Operation and Technical Specification Deviation Control are Carried out to Guarntee rod drawability. Presise Component Control is required to ensure weldability & deposit metal quality.

HB Wires are drawn through cold drawing Process using Steel Wire rod is Proccessed further to Pass through a number of dies & drums with an average reduction to achieve the targeted final product stage